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Kim Kardashian Set to Quit Fame and Take on Life as a Lawyer

Kim Kardashian Set to Quit Fame and Take on Life as a Lawyer...

Ok, so maybe that's not the full truth, but Kim Kardashian has recently opened up in a string of interviews, saying that she often discusses with her family about quitting fame and becoming a full-time attorney. 

Kim has been studying her law degree since 2019, and last year she passed the baby BAR exam, after her fourth attempt. 

Since splitting from Kanye in 2021, Kim has taken on a whole new era of her life, spending more time with her children, and posting less serious things on social media. She even started a TikTok account with daughter North, posting silly videos, which is something we wouldn't have seen from Kim not so long ago. Kim seems much more relaxed and chilled since the split. 

She has also been taken a lot more seriously, by professionals, and even the public, since she began her law degree. Showing that she's not just a pretty face. It appears Kim really is the whole package, and not just her looks, as she's also shown how good she is at business too, becoming a billionaire in recent years as a result of her businesses, including skin care and underwear brand Skims. 


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