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Kanye West has been cancelled.

Kanye West has been cancelled.

We recently told you about the drama surrounding Kanye West and his recent tweeting antics. However, things seem to keep taking turns even worse for this guy...

More brands have continued to drop Kanye West, including the footwear giant Foot Locker, Balenciaga, and other designer brands. His book, which he was due to be writing and releasing, has now also been shelved by the publishers. Finally, his clothing sales, music and more have all plummeted, with people refusing to buy from or listen to him.

Following this, Kanye then decided to turn up at Skechers head office in LA (assumingly hoping to work with them after being dropped by Foot Locker). However, Skechers had their security remove him from the premises before releasing a statement saying they did not intend to work with him.

The fitness brand 'Peloton' have banned Kanye from entering their premises or associating with them, after also being another brand in the long line who have dropped Kanye. They've released a statement saying they will no longer use his music on their fitness platforms.

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