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Is Adele Expecting Again?

Is Adele Expecting Again? 

Adele recently sparked pregnancy rumours... In a recent show at her Las Vegas residency. Adele noticed two fans in the audience holding up a sign that read 'Adele will you reveal our babies gender'. Adele then noticed the woman holding the sign was sporting a baby bump. Adele joked that security are supposed to stop people bringing signs in to her shows, but said she was obsessed with the fact that they'd managed to get theirs in. 

Adele revealed the couple were having a boy, but then broke down into tears, saying she was so emotional and happy for them. 

However, what sparked rumours that Adele may also be expecting, was that she then asked the couple if they'd announce her babies gender, and come along to her baby shower, 'if and when she gets pregnant'. During a Graham Norton show last year, Adele did reveal that she'd like another child, and a sibling for her son Angelo. On a BBC interview, Adele also said that her Las Vegas residency needed to be completed in 2023, and no later, as she other 'plans', before saying 'imagine if I had to cancel the shows because I was having a baby'.

So could Adele be pregnant? Is this her other 'plans' and is that why she got so emotional revealing the couples baby gender at her show?


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