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I'm A Celebrity: South Africa

I'm A Celebrity: South Africa 

Soon you'll be getting your I'm A Celeb fix on a TWICE yearly basis. The show, which has taken place once a year, in Australia, for over 20 years, has now branched out to a summer edition in South Africa. The show will see some of our much loved celebs from over the years, re-entering the show, to have a second go at challenging themselves. 

The people entering are some of the most iconic from the original show over the years, including Helen Flanagan, Carol Vorderman, Jordan Banjo, and Gillian McKeith. The challenges are also set to be way tougher than previous years. There's also another twist... there'll be no public vote in this one, and no working together. Instead they'll all be competing against each other, to be crowned the first 'I'm A Celebrity LEGEND'. 

Sounds like an exciting twist on a classic! The show is set to start next week!

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