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For The Love of Paul O'Grady, and For The Love of Dogs

For The Love of Paul O'Grady, and For The Love of Dogs..

He's got to be one of the nations biggest favourites. Today Paul O'Grady's funeral took place in his home of Kent, and it was certainly a day to remember, just as the man himself is one to be remembered. 

Many celebs were in attendance, allow with hundreds of members of the public. Paul's current husband, and also his ex-wife even came together to celebrate his life today. The Salvation Army Band played played songs for him, including songs from Annie the musical, which Paul was touring in at the time of his sudden death. Paul admitted he only married his ex-wife Teresa to stop her being deported, and despite being married for 28 years, they were never actually in a relationship together. Paul did have a daughter though with Diane Jansen, who was a dear friend of his, also not a relationship. 

Dogs from Battersea Dogs Home, where Paul was ambassador, lined the streets in procession. Many of whom Paul had met in his work with Battersea. Paul is known for his love of animals, in particular dogs, and has helped so many to be adopted over the years. Battersea Dogs Home expressed their gratitude for everything Paul has done over the years to raise awareness for dogs in need a home. 


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