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Festival Weekend: Creamfields and Leeds

Festival Weekend: Creamfields and Leeds

Its officially one of the biggest weekends of the year, as both Creamfields and Leeds Festival both go live this weekend. Both festivals have always taken place on the last weekend of august, which is always a bank holiday. However, they both offer completely different experiences. Leeds is more rock/pop culture, whereas Creamfields offers more along the lines of trance, dance, and bass. As always, we wouldn't have expected anything other than a rainy start to the weekend. What else could you expect from the UK? But none the less, these two festivals are packed out each year, rain or shine. 

To celebrate this festival, bank hol weekend, we've put together some festival outfits that we'd definitely be wearing this weekend.


Look 1: The Lace Ribbed Crop Top (Brown, White, or Black), with our Drawstring Cuffed Cotton Joggers (available in lotsss of colours). We'd pair with trainers and lots of rings/bracelets. 



Look 2: Knot Top and Trouser Co-Ord. We're being a little hopeful on the weather, but this set would look so cute with sandals, gold jewellery, and long, wavy hair. 


Look 3: If the weather really did treat us.. We'd wear the Beach Dreams Swim Set in Blue (or pink), with our Chained Up Top in Gold on top. No more accessories needed for this one. 


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