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Fashion and News: Paco Rabanne Dies Aged 88

Fashion and News: Paco Rabanne Dies Aged 88.

You've all heard of him, he is an icon after all. Whether you worn one of his fragrances, or bought one of his outfits, his name is a well-known one. However, the legend, has just died aged 88. Originally from Pasajes in Spain, and original name Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo. Paco began his career in the 1960's, creating Jewellery for Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga, before starting his own fashion house in 1966. Puig, who currently own the Paco Rabanne fashion house, released a statement confirming his death, calling him 'radical and rebellious'. 

His fashion was considered untraditional, creating dresses made from metal, plastic and various other more unique materials. He has also dressed the likes of Hollywood legends Audrey Hepburn, Jane Fonda, and Mia Farrow. 1 Million and Lady Million are two of his most latest fragrances, fragrances being something is now widely known for in more recent years. Paco retired from the fashion industry in 1999, and has been rarely been seen in public since, with 'Puig' running his brand. 


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