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Fans Spot Love Island Feud Involving Tyrique

Fans Spot Love Island Feud Involving Tyrique..


Tyrique chose to couple of with Ella on this years Love Island, eventually making her his girlfriend. However, in the last few weeks of the show, another Ella (Ella B) turned up on the show, having had previous history with Tyrique. 

Things were tense on the show between them sometimes, but fans have spotted they may still not have made friends. Ella B still follows Ty on Instagram, but he no longer follows her back?

Meanwhile, Mitch had quite a few coupling's and drama's on the show, before he eventually coupled up and made things 'exlsuive' with Ella B. However, Abi (who Mitch was coupled up with before Ella B came along and stole him), has hinted that Mitch still flirts with her now after the show, when she see's him at events. Abi claims Ella B is threatened by her and Mitch's connection, and Abi believes her and Mitch still have something there.

Things seem to still be juicy even after the show. Bring this year's lot back for a few more episodes? We're not sure that would happen, but we'll definitely keep you updated if there's anymore news on the drama. 


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