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Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip: Love Island Romance Rekindled?

Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip: Love Island Romance Rekindled?

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard split recently, after videos emerged of Adam on holiday, with his arm around a blonde woman in McDonalds. The video went viral, causing Paige and Adam to split. Adam has finally opened up about that night, saying that nothing happened, and that the girl was just an 18 year old fan, who he got a picture with. He said he got pictures with all of her friends, and many other fans that night. Adam says that all he did was put his arm around the girl, after she explained to him that she couldn't get into a club. The girl in question, names 'Annie', has also been interviewed by press, and she also says that it was totally innocent and nothing happened.

However, has Paige moved on... or should we say back? Last weekend, Paige was pictured cosying up to her ex, who she was first coupled up with on Love Island, prior to Adam coming along on the show. Paige and Jacques had a rocky romance on the show, with Jacques kissing another girl in Casa Amor. Eventually Adam joined the show, and Jacques quit the show, leaving Paige and Adam to couple up. Since Paige's split from Adam, she has told press that she has been talking to Jacques again, but that she's taking it slow as men are '"trash". Paige and Jacques didn't go out together last weekend, but seemed very happy to have bumped into each other. They chatted for ages, and danced together in Manchester. 


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