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Entertainment News and Gossip: Helen Flanagan splits from Scott Sinclair.

Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip: Helen Flanagan splits from Scott Sinclair. 

We know Helen Flanagan best for playing Rosie in Coronation Street's hit soap. However, since her days on the cobbles, Helen has gone on to have 3 children with footballer Scott Sinclair, who plays for Bristol Rovers. She did a stint on the show in 2017 but has stayed away from her acting career since having her children.

The couple has been together for 13 years and was set to be married. However, they've unfortunately split up recently. Helen recently attended the Pride of Britain awards without her engagement ring and posted a series of snaps on a recent night out without her ring. Helen did hint at a split a couple of months ago when she posted a photo of herself and her children on her birthday, saying a new chapter'. 

It's such a shame to see this couple end after so many years together; however, reports have said they've promised to co-parent their children and get on for them. 





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