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Entertainment News and Celeb Gossip: Love Island Split For Paige & Adam

Entertainment News and Celeb Gossip: Love Island Split For Paige & Adam

We had high hopes for Paige Thorne and Adam Collard, however, it's believed that the stunning couple have unfortunately split up. The pair took part in Love Island 2022 this year, even making it to the semi-final. Adam was a last minute bombshell on the show, only entering near the end of the show. However, after Paige was left single, following her partner Jacques leaving the show, she decided to couple up with Adam who only just entered right before Jacques left. 

The couple won the hearts of the nation, and managed to make the semi-final of the show. Unlike most other Love Island couples, they even managed to continue dating after the show. However, fans are now convinced the pair have split. Paige recently deleted all photos of her and Adam from her Instagram feed, amid the rumours. It's thought that Paige called time on the relationship, after a video went viral of Adam cosying up to a blonde bombshell, before jetting off to Bali without Paige. Neither of the pair have confirmed the split themselves. 

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