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Dress gone VIRAL

We cannot believe the sales we've had on our 'Diamante Covered Mini Dress in Black'. You've all gone wild for it, and we're currently making 100's of this dress a week, from scratch! We decided to make this dress to order, due to the high quality needed, and the intricacy of the dress. However... maybe we should have made lots in advance, because now we're busy making it all day long to fit all of your orders!!

We'll keep taking orders on the look until we've ran out of material, so if you've been thinking about buying it, BUY NOW, before we run out and stop any further orders on the dress. 

Not sure which dress we're talking about? We'll put pictures and link below. The dress is a gorgeous mini dress, in a classic black, contouring style, but with a gorgeous diamante overlay on top, giving it the complete glitter factor when those lights hit you. The PERFECT Christmas night out, or New Years Eve dress, but also all year due to the classic style and diamantes. 


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