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Christmas is almost here!! Who cannot wait??

Christmas is almost here!! Who cannot wait??

Have you completed your Christmas shopping, or are you the type who rushes to the shops on Christmas Eve? Either way, we'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you for all the shopping you've done with us both for Christmas and across the past year. 

Maybe you won't be seeing some family members until after Christmas, or maybe it's time to wind down and treat yourself now? We've got 25% off everything until tomorrow using code 'XMAS25' and if you choose 'next day' your items will either arrive before Christmas, or between the Christmas and New Year (I'm sure you're all aware of the Royal Mail struggles right now). Perfect for treating yourself, for belated Christmas gifts, or for your New Years Eve outfit goals. Just to remind you, we've got glittery bodysuits, sparkly dresses, sequin LBD's (little black dresses), faux leather trousers, mini bags, gold and silver jewellery, and shimmering bags. 

On a note that isn't about shopping (now that you've finished and got all of that time to wind down...), here's our list of top 10 Christmas films / movies of all time, so that you can get in the festive spirit this week. We based this list on a poll we did in our office:

1) Home Alone

2) Elf

3) The Holiday

4) A Christmas Carol

5) The Grinch

6) Miracle on 34th Street

7) The Santa Clause

8) The Christmas Chronicles

9) The Nightmare Before Christmas

10) Love Actually 



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