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Celebrity News: Little Mix Legal Battle

Celebrity News: Little Mix Legal Battle.

Latest in Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News... Little Mix has found itself embroiled in a legal battle. Fans were left excited after a string of new Little Mix music was released on social media. However, it appears that the songs were never supposed to be released, and most date back to 2017. Their former record label RCA is working to find out who is behind the leaks and why. Material from other artists is occasionally leaked, but nothing at that volume; this is almost an entire album.

Jessy, who left the group in 2020, is also featured in some leaked songs but is not believed to be involved in the leaks. Jessy is also said to be making a return to the music industry soon after recently leaving her record label Polydor. Jessy told fans on social media that she would release music soon but wanted to ensure it was perfect first.

Will we find out who is behind the leaked music soon? Who could it be? And.. why?

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