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Celebrity News: Kate and Rio Ferdinand Welcome Their Second Baby

Celebrity News: Kate and Rio Ferdinand Welcome Their Second Baby

It seems like Kate has been pregnant forever, but her baby girl is finally here!

The baby girl is called Shae Ferdinand, and was born on the 10th July. The couple also have a son called Cree together, and Rio has 3 older children from his marriage to wife Rebecca Ellison, who unfortunately died of cancer in 2015. 

The couple have been together for 6 years, and Kate reveals they have had a slightly less conventional relationship than others. On Loose Women recently, Kate said that when they started dating, they completely skipped the honeymoon period, as Rio had 3 kids to look after, who has lost their mum, and that she just had to jump straight in to family life. At least she got plenty of practice before having her own 2 children with Rio, right?

Kate revealed the news of their new baby in Instagram, a few days ago, and it seems the family are all in love with her already, as the photo showed Rio, and 2 of his eldest children with their hands on the newborn. 



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