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Celebrity News: Ferne McCann Welcomes New Baby Girl

Celebrity News: Ferne McCann Welcomes New Baby Girl

Fern McCann has finally seen the arrival of her gorgeous new baby girl. Ferne already has fiver year old daughter Sunday, from a previous relationship. Sunday's dad Arthur is currently doing a long prison sentence, after being involved in an acid attack when Ferne was pregnant with Sunday.

However, Ferne has now moved on to bigger and better things, and is now in a relationship with real estate agent, Lorri Haines. The pair welcomed their daughter just a few days ago, and Ferne posted a sweet snap yesterday showing the baby girls tiny hands and white suit. The post was shared to Instagram, via the Shoorah app, which is a well-being app that Ferne and Lorri have created together. Ferne also revealed the app has tools on it that helped with her birth (just plugging her app there whilst she can). 

The couple haven't yet revealed the name of face of the baby, but we're sure she will be absolutely gorgeous when they do show us. 

Ferne's TV show 'First Time Mum' has been a hit over the past few years, documenting her time as a single mum to Sunday. Ferne was keen to give birth to her second daughter on the show, however, chose not to in the end, as Lorri wasn't too keen on the idea. 

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