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Celebrity News and Gossip: Paris Hilton's Secret Baby

Celebrity News and Gossip: Paris Hilton's Secret Baby

You may have seen in January that Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum welcomed a baby, via surrogate. However, Paris has revealed that she actually kept the birth a secret from her entire family, and revealed it to the whole world, including them, via her Instagram post. 

Paris said to Harper's Bizarre, in an interview, that after her whole life in the public, she wanted to keep this entire pregnancy and birth from everyone, just for her and her partner (and of course the surrogate) to enjoy. 

When the surrogate was in labour, Paris even went to the hospital in a disguise, wearing a brown wig, and signing in under a different name. Paris hasn't revealed her new sons name yet, but is thinking of sticking with a city theme and possibly choosing 'London'. 

Paris was once a major socialite, having her own TV show, and appearing on every red carpet. She was often seen alongside old friend Kim Kardashian. However, in recent years, Paris has kept a much lower profile, and opted for a much more demure look and profile. We are so excited for her in this next chapter of her life. 

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