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Celebrity News and Gossip: Molly-Mae Hague Tells Her Birth Story

Celebrity News and Gossip: Molly-Mae Hague Tells Her Birth Story.

Molly released a new video to her YouTube channel last night, telling all about her birth to baby Bambi. She said in the video that she was pretty sure she pooped whilst giving birth. She said doctors told her that she didn't, but that's pretty certain that she did, and that they just told her she didn't. Molly said that staff told her not to worry, and that 90% of women poo when they give birth. 

Molly-Mae also surprisingly revealed that she filmed her entire birth, but unlike her usual sharing of everything, she said that she won't be sharing the footage with anyone. 

Molly's birth began with a hormone drip, after deciding to be induced, and the star also says she had an epidural, and felt no pain during labour due to it. The doctors broke her waters, which prompted contractions, but Molly says despite feeling her contractions happening, she couldn't actually feel their pain due to the epidural. Molly called the experience magical, and said that Tommy was sobbing when Bambi came out. 

Molly says that life has been a whirlwind since Bambi's birth, and that she didn't sleep for 5 days, but would do it all again. Molly also opened up about how hard its been to deal with the backlash she's received against Bambi's name. 

We love Molly for always being real, as most people wouldn't tell the world their birth story, especially not the fact that they think they pooped themselves. We love the name Bambi, and I'm sure she'll only be one a few in the world with that name.

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