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Celebrity & Entertainment News: Fans Urge Kim Kardashian to Denounce Balenciaga Amid Scandal

Celebrity & Entertainment News: Fans Urge Kim Kardashian to Denounce Balenciaga Amid Scandal

Balenciaga recently posted an ad campaign across their social media and on their website. The campaign featured children holding Balenciaga teddy bear bags, however, the teddy bears were wearing bondage outfits. The campaign also showed documents sprawled out, which after zooming in on the images, Twitter users found that the documents referenced a supreme court ruling from 2008 regarding child pornography. 

People on social media went crazy, slamming Balenciaga for the campaign. Balenciaga immediately removed all of the images from their platforms. They then issued an apology, saying they were sorry, they do not condemn any child abuse, and that they were taking legal action against the people who organised the set for the photos, saying that they did not authorise the materials used. 

However, in further movements against the campaign... Fans have been commenting all over Kim Kardashian's posts on social media, telling her to speak out against the brand for what they've done. Kim works closely with Balenciaga, fronting many of their photoshoots, walking on catwalks for them and wearing their outfits to many events. Kim even posted a photo last week of a thanksgiving dinner she help at a prison in the US (Kim has been campaigning for many US prisoners, since she started studying law). However, fans didn't comment anything about how they touched they were by her Thanksgiving dinner, but rather just more comments about Balenciaga, urging Kim to speak up about it. 

It seems fans won't be letting this one go any time soon.. Will Kim speak out?

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