Brand New ActiveWear!

Brand New ActiveWear!

Brand New ActiveWear!

Our brand new activewear collection has just landed. Everything you need to shift those January blues, head into a fit and healthy February, and maybe even motivate you walk off those extra mince pies you ate not so long ago. 

We've got crop top and leggings sets, in an array of styles. Full body unitards/jumpsuits, and cropped baggy jumper and shorts. Everything comes in lots of gorgeous colours, and is made with our premium ribbed, stretchy material. This material will gift you all the shape and lift you could want from gymwear. 

So who's hitting the gym, or going out on a run now? We don't mind if you also just want to grab coffee and look cute in these sets... we'll pop the link to shop below, along with some images of some of our fav pieces from the collection!

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