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Black Friday has arrived early!

It's official, Black Friday is no longer just one day, it's now an entire month, and we're treating you early!

Shop our site now using the code 'BlackFriday' and you'll get 20% off everything, including sale, no matter what the price already is. Go Go Go!!

So, where did Black Friday actually begin? Black Friday began in the 1960's in Philadelphia, USA. The term was originally coined by police officers, used to describe the day between Thanksgiving and the annual Army-Navy football game, in which chaos embarked on stores as shoppers rushed to begin their christmas shopping. Black Friday is known as marking the start of the Christmas season in America. It's only in recent years that Black Friday has taken over the rest of the world, including the UK. Now Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon, in which everyone goes crazy on their shopping, and the day has often even become an entire month in most stores and websites. 

What do you plan on shopping for this Black Friday (or month).. Christmas presents, or rather treats for youself?

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