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Winter Love Island: Already Embroiled in Chaos

Winter Love Island: Already Embroiled in Chaos 

Would it be Love Island (or ITV for that matter) if there weren't already chaos. Firstly there was Laura Whitmore quitting the show, and being replaces by Maya Jama. We thought this seemed perfectly normal, and maybe Laura had other commitments in work or personal life, however... Laura has opened up more, saying that the show was too hard for her, not being able to support the islanders (or voice to them that she didn't support certain things they did) in the ways she would have wanted too, and not being able to have the conversations she would have to liked to. Laura originally said that the problem was work commitments, and the need to constantly fly to and from South Africa, but it seems this may not be the total case behind her departure. 

On a brighter note, the gorgeous Maya Jama is taking over as host, and the show begins some time in January 2023, just a matter of weeks away. The only problem is.. the villa is not yet finished, and bosses are running around crazy trying to complete the millionaire's pad in time. The street the villa is on, in South Africa, is known as millionaire's row. Whilst the villa will have its signature neon signs, the villa has had a complete makeover, with gorgeous decor, and a bridge going over the pool. The show is also trying to improve its carbon footprint, by generating its own electricity and water. 

One last thing... Did we all notice that Molly-Mae Hague has announced how many weeks she is!! Fans have been guessing for months now, how many weeks she is, and when her due date is. Molly finally told her TikTok fans yesterday, that she was 34 weeks, with only 6 weeks to go. Her bump, and Molly herself, both look gorgeous, and we cannot wait to see her gorgeous baby. 









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