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Who Will Kim Kardashian Date Next? Fans Speculate.

Who Will Kim Kardashian Date Next? Fans Speculate.

Amid her split from Pete Davidson, fans have been speculating who it is that she'll date next. Kim says she wants someone low key, and would even like to date a 'normal' person. However, we can't really see that happening, considering she is one of the most famous people on the entire planet. Previous boyfriends have even said they couldn't cope with the fame, pressure, and paparazzi, and this caused the relationship's to end. 

Kim recently appeared on Monday's Live With Kelly and Ryan, a TV show in America. After posing with Ryan Seacrest, fans were quick to jump the gun, saying how good they looked together, and how they think that Kim might date Ryan next. Kim and Ryan have been friends for years, after Ryan was executive producer on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and we all know how Kim likes to start off as friends for years (Kim and Kanye were friends for years before marrying, and having 4 children together). 

However, on the show with Ryan and Kelly, Ryan said he is dating someone, and Kim said she isn't ready for dating again just yet. Who knows.. Will Kim and Ryan get together, or will Kim date someone with a normal job, not in shobiz?

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