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Spring is spring-ing... Is that a hint of sunshine we see?

Spring is spring-ing... Is that a hint of sunshine we see?

The nights are finally getting brighter, and the days are finally getting longer, and we even think we might have seen some sunshine for an hour over the weekend. This means one thing, Spring is on its way. Not like we were crossing the days off our calendars or anything!

That means we've got more newness heading your way, and we cannot wait!!

We haven't decided on an official launch date yet, which is why we want to ask you, the customers, when should we launch? When do you all plan to head away on your first holiday of the year? What are you doing for Easter? This will all help us to set a launch date for you beautiful people!

For now, here's a TINY snippet of what's to come:


Let us know your thoughts on the snippet! Is this not spring/summer dress, and co-ord goals?

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