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Molly-Mae discusses life as a new mum

Molly-Mae discusses life as a new mum

In a new vlog on her YouTube channel, Molly talks about life as a new mum, and returning back to work. Molly is always so honest with her fans, discussing everything from her struggles, to pooing during birth (watch her birth story on her YouTube channel). 

In her newest vlog (her first proper one since giving birth), Molly says that she's had a busy day in town, as well as hitting the gym that day too. She says she's now off to a meeting for her tanning brand 'Filter by Molly Mae'. Molly says that she exclusively breastfeed baby Bambi for six weeks, however, after struggling with her supply in this time, she came on her period, due to not producing enough milk, and therefore decided to end her breastfeeding journey there. 

Molly says she's feeling positive about working, and that it feels good to be back vlogging and going to meetings, and feeling like her old self again. 

Just in case you didn't see them already, here's a cute snap of Molly, Tommy and Bambi from their eastet weekend...

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