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Love Island is BACK!! Forget about blue Monday.

Love Island is BACK!! Forget about blue Monday.

Forget 'Blue Monday', this Monday is definitely not blue, as Love Island is BACK!

So, first, more on Maya Jama?
-Maya was born and raised in Bristol
-Maya's mum was a teenager when she had her, and if often mistaken for being her sister
-She has a younger brother who's 25 and called Omar
-Maya's father, Hussein, spent most of her childhood in prison
-Maya's first boyfriend, Rico, was caught in a gang cross fire when the pair were just 16 and was unfortunately killed
-Maya says her career saved her from the things that happened in her life when she was young. She went on to present on various TV shows, including MTV, Radio 1, and even helped with coverage of the 2014 world cup in Brazil

Now, for her biggest gig yet... We love her, so we know she'll do amazing!

Now, for the scoop on the villa and the contestants...

For the first time, the show has made islanders disable their social media accounts whilst they're on the show, in a bid to stop bullying and up their safeguarding for the contestants.

There's also a few items banned from the villa:
-Fake tan - the show don't want stained bed sheets
-Beauty products - as many brands sponsor the show, the contestants must use the array of products supplied by these brands, so that the brands get their advertising
-Mobile phones - they're only allowed the ones provided by the show
-Books, magazines or newspapers - it's a strict 'cut off from the world' that the contestants must follow
-Branded clothing - as with the beauty products, brands have paid to make sure it's only their logo that is visibly seen on the show
-Watches - the islanders never get to see the time, and are simply told when to wake up, go to sleep, and get ready for certain events, by the producers
-Wifi - this one goes back to being cut off from the outside world

So, who would you like to couple up with?


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