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Entertainment News: Chloe Sims.. From reality tv to Only Fans?

Entertainment News: Chloe Sims.. From reality tv to Only Fans?

Who is Chloe Sims? She started out her celeb career on The Only Way is Essex, and was one of the first to appear in the show. She has been the longest serving in the show, only leaving in 2021. She's since had her sisters join the cast of the show also, but they also left last year. There has been much speculation about why the Sims all left the show, however, we recently discovered they're going to be having their own Kardashian style reality show. The show will follow Chloe and other family members, during their daily life, channeling the same vibe as Kim Kardashian and her ever-growing family. 

Chloe was pictured just this week, heading into the head office of 'Only Fans', who are the TV hosts of her new family show... Is she set to follow that side of Kim Kardashian also? (if you know, you know). 
She even entered wearing a very Kim Kardashian style outfit and look (as pictured below). She even rocked Kim's classic Balenciaga bag, showing that Chloe might also be becoming the latest fashionista, and figure in women's fashion. 


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