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Entertainment News: The truth behind the Kardashian and Jenner Family Scandals

Entertainment and Celebrity News: The truth behind the Kardashian and Jenner Family Scandals...

1) Let's start with the most well-known scandal of them all... Kim Kardashian and Ray J's sex tape. Let's be honest; without the video, we probably wouldn't even know who the Kardashians are. To this very day, Ray J claims that momager Kris Jenner is behind the tape leaking and that she even introduced Ray J to the owner of the company who released the tape. Kris took a lie detector during a chat show recently and said she didn't do it, and this has recently fueled Ray J into saying that he is suing their entire family for defamation.

2) Kylie's lip filler. Kylie denied having lip filler for years but finally admitted it in 2015. She said she didn't want to be a bad influence on young people by accepting it. However, later said that I had wished to be honest earlier, as fans were furious about her lying. Fans have been more skeptical since, claiming she has had many other works done. What do you think she's had?

3) Khloe Kardashian's love life? Khloe's love life has been the center of many scandals. Let's name a few... marrying Lamar after 4 weeks of being together, divorcing Lamar a couple of years later due to cheating and addiction, Lamar being found almost dead in a brothel, coupling up with Tristan Thompson, Tristan cheating on Khloe whilst she's pregnant, leaving Tristan... oh, and she recently went on to have a second child with Tristan.
I think it's fair to say that the Kardashian-Jenner family have had their fair share of many scandals. Can you name any more in the comments?



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