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STOP! Molly-Mae's Baby Has Arrived!

STOP! Molly-Mae's Baby Has Arrived!

Yesterday evening Molly and Tommy Fury shared a joint post showing the first snaps of their baby girl. The baby was born a week ago, and it seems that speculating fans were not wrong. Fans have been saying for over a week now that they believed the former Love Island star Molly-Mae Hague had given birth, due to her unusually low profile on social media. Molly is known for posting daily updates of her life, but has been quiet over the past week. It seems that she's been so quiet, as she's been so busy soaking up her new mum life. 

The family look so cute together, and are in good health. We couldn't be happier for Molly and Tommy with their new baby girl.

There has also been much speculation about the name of the baby girl, which the couple have yet to reveal themselves. She did say it would be unusual, and that people will probably hate it, but hasn't said what the name is. Recent speculation said the baby was going to be called 'Halo' after pictures of a nursery were shared on social media, and fans believed it was Molly's nursery. However, other fans have claimed that close sources who know Molly and Tommy well, have confirmed that the name is 'Bambi'. Hopefully the couple put us out of our misery soon, and reveal their baby girls name. 

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