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Love Island Updates!

Love Island Updates!

We usually do all of the updates for LI, so we're a little behind this time around... but better late than never. 

Firstly, we must mention Harriett, and Ronnie, together, but also apart. As in, what were your thoughts on them as a pair, but what are your thoughts on them both in general, as they've both brought so much drama (and laughs) to the villa. I think they're the type of people you have to both be annoyed by, but also LOVE them.

Ronnie has put his eggs all in one basket, and the basket isn't Harriet. But do we think he'll stick. Personally, we think he'll do this often with many girls that come into the villa, I can't see him as a one woman guy. 

What are we also thinking of Sean the sweet shop guy? He's now after Matilda, the new bombshell, and he's going in strong. Which, surprisingly, doesn't seem to be turning her off? We personally feel a bit sorry for him, but also think he'd go for any girl who will have him, as he's just trying ANYTHING now to get a girl. Why do girls love the bad guys though, when guys like Sean are there to talk about sweets all day? 

Also, lastly, what are your thoughts on Joey and Grace? Has he really found 'the one' now? Will he stick, or will he switch if a better bombshell comes?

That's is for now!

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