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Love Island 2023: Blunders and Gossip

Love Island 2023: Blunders and Gossip

If you're like us then you've been glued to your screens at 9pm every night, watching the latest Love Island series.

Fans have been going crazy over Ron's meddling amongst the boys during Casa Amor, saying that he needs to be revealed to the girls. Ron encouraged many of the other boys, and even told Tom for instance, that Sammie would recouple in Casa Amor (luckily she didn't). So, now it's time for Ron to be exposed... We sense some drama brewing. 

Last night, fans also noticed a major editing blunder. Tanya was seen switching outfits in literal seconds, whilst chatting to the girls in the dressing room. Before being seen again in the first outfit. Many fans were quick to tweet things like 'When did Tanya suddenly change outfit'... Woops, looks like things don't always happen in the sequence that we see on the show then?

Also, what do we think of the Olivia and Kai drama? Is Olivia in her right to be mad, even though she also recoupled during Casa Amor? Were the feelings true towards each other, or was Olivia or Kai faking it? Personally, we don't think Olivia or Kai had feelings towards each other, and we also think that Olivia needs to leave it, especially since she ALSO recoupled. 

What are your current thoughts? Which couple do you think will win? Comment below who you think will win, and every correct answer, at the end of the series, will win a voucher to spend on site. 


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