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Fashion Styles From Across the Years... What Have Been the Craziest Fashion Trends?

Fashion Styles From Across the Years... What Have Been the Craziest Fashion Trends?

It's fair to say that we often look back at old photos, and think, wow, what am I wearing. So here's our list of what we think have been some of the most recognisable, craziest, and sometimes slightly bizarre, fashion trends, from over the years:

1) Lets take it back to the 60's/70's first. This has got to be one of the best fashion era's! The signature fashion trends from then include bell-bottoms, jumpsuits... and don't forget, all hail the start of the mini skirt (thank you Twiggy) and the knee high boots. We seen some wild prints surface for the first time in this era, with psychedelic patterns, and the famous floral print. 


2) Going from the 70's to the 80's seen the boom of the punk rock culture. Ripped jeans and leather jackets galore. The rock n roll scene also seen a rise in black and white attire, and wild hair styles and colours.

3) Late 1980's... don't forget the leotard and shiny leggings trend. We have things such as 'footloose', workout DVD's, and Kylie Minogue to thank for that slightly bizarre style. 


4) The good old 90's fashion! What were the biggest trends in the 90's? We think overalls, boiler suits, colourful looks, mini everything (think the movie 'clueless'), tracksuits ( the good old shell suits), and the start of logo mania (still a thing today right?)

5) The noughties... the early 2000's fashion! The infamous double denim (thoughts on this look, as we see it coming back?), crop tops, leggings, Ed Hardy (if you know this fashion brand, then you know), peplum tops.


6) And finally, taking it back to the second we left not so long ago. What springs to mind? Skull scarfs in 2010, the slightly bizarre wedge trainers, cut out dresses (we still can't get enough of this, so much so that it's a WTT staple), nude and neutral colours, bardot tops, shirts/t-shirts as dresses.

This brings up to 2022 fashion trends... Shop our site now, and you'll be looking hot in the year 2022. 

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